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more about me


what is yoga to me? 

Yoga is a practice that can be used on and off the mat. It is living in love through every aspect in life; loving yourself, everyone you encounter and the earth. Yoga is forgiving, showing compassion, having empathy for the self and understanding each day is different. Through the practice one can learn to slow down to the present moment, show gratitude to the mind and body and how to trust and believe in yourself. It can go deeper and unpack traumas by recognizing triggering or anxious thoughts or situations. Yoga is observing versus reacting right away. The physical movement through postures are called asana. Asana is important because it moves and releases stagnant energy in the body; when energy gets stuck it manifests as inflammation, pain or disease. After a yoga practice one can expect to feel lighter, emotional, stronger, empowered, happier or content with life, or in a state of bliss. 

what is trauma-sensitive yoga?

My trauma-sensitive yoga classes are rooted in compassion, gratitude and resiliency within our mind, body and spirit. It is ​an opportunity to gaze further inward, igniting more awareness. Each class encompasses empathy driven yoga asana (movement through postures) and pranayama (breathing). Empathy driven means the class will be themed and I will offer you an intention to focus on for the duration of the class. (Examples: self love, acceptance, letting go, empowerment etc.). The end goal is for you to leave the practice with a little more ~sunshine~ in your heart space. 

my class values

  • Any experience of yoga is welcome. I am all about inclusivity. I offer modifications for beginners and advancements for the more experienced yogi. Classes will be Hatha, Vinyasa or a Restorative Slow Flow. 

  • My classes are for anybody with any body type. It is extremely important to me that all my students feel safe and comfortable. In my class you will always be welcomed, accepted, loved and valued for exactly who you are.

  • Respect everyone's personal yoga journey. Your practice may look different than mine or someone else's, but it is still yoga. It is important to listen to your body and be mindful while in postures, so you don't "overdo" it. Yoga is not a competition and the ego can fade away while in practice. 

"fun" facts

  • My Aunt started calling me Sunshine from a young age and it stuck ever since

  • In my spare time I enjoy being in nature, listening to podcasts and hanging out with my dog, Willow

  • I'm a Cancer sun sign

  • I love learning about gut health and how it relates to mental illness 

  • Go to TV shows: Great British Baking Show, New Girl, Explained 

"I met Summer at a week-long retreat for young adults who have faced a cancer diagnosis. Summer was our yoga retreat guide and facilitator and we started each day in the morning in the yoga studio. She would check in throughout the day and at the end of each day we would do mindfulness and meditation practice. Summer was attentive to each of us (there were six total) and aware of our different needs. This was especially important because our group included survivors from various types of cancer and we all received different types of treatment. Our treatment for our cancer, although effective, can come with long-lasting side effects. Summer was mindful of our different skill levels and the accommodations needed for each individual. She was creative in what she offered us each day; her warm, inviting nature allowed us all to feel more comfortable and be present. She is a natural leader and I am so grateful for all the memories made that week. She made my week unforgettable; there were plenty of laughs shared along with tears shed. She allowed our group to open up and learn ways to trust our bodies again, despite everything we had been through. Her knowledge and insight was extremely impressive and she taught me so much that week. I encourage anyone seeking to learn more about themselves to reach out to her and experience it for yourself."

Rebecca - Illinois 

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