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yoga retreats

embark on a journey of connection, self renewal, community and good vibes. 


women's only
weekend retreat

July 18th through 21st

Deposit: $350

Investment: $500 - $1499
(dependent on accommodations and room choice)

Location: Winter Park, Colorado



Transcend on a soul-reviving journey to the majestic mountains of Colorado, for an unforgettable getaway weekend filled with yoga, wildflowers, community, and pure relaxation amidst a Full moon! Immerse yourself in daily yoga sessions, serene meditation, and empowering workshops, providing you with the perfect space to decompress from the rigors of everyday life. Discover the essence of a yogic lifestyle and Ayurveda healing, delving into yoga philosophy and harnessing the power of breath, all while deepening your connection with the breathtaking natural surroundings. Nourish your body and soul with delicious meals thoughtfully prepared and included in your registration. This retreat promises to rejuvenate your spirit and leave you with cherished memories to carry on your path of well-being and self-discovery.

mountain yoga 

Stay tuned for dates - resuming this summer! 

A fun yoga packed day! First, we will gather as a group and partake in an outdoor yoga class and a theme/intention for the day will be set. Shortly after we will go on a group hike where I will talk more about the theme, yoga philosophy and offer mindfulness practices. This is a great time to decompress from our day to day life, let go of stress and connect deeper to yoga, ourselves and nature. Leave feeling emotionally filled up by crisp mountain air and with a little more sunshine in your heart.

Investment: $40 

Pay online, Venmo, or
cash/check/card upon arrival

What to Bring:

Yoga mat, enough water for the ~3.5 mile hike,

and backpack with snacks and or lunch (+anything else you need to feel comfortable)


Sign up by:

Link below, Email or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page


awaken your soul
costa rica retreat

January 26th through February 2nd

San Juanillo, Costa Rica

Retreat - Reset - Replenish

Our intention is to foster a balanced community where you can honor yourself, discover the root of yoga, connect to nature, decompress, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and detoxification.

Discover the serenity of San Juanillo, Costa Rica, where time slows, and the healing aura of one of the world's last remaining Blue Zones overtakes you. Embrace the lush surroundings of a permaculture farm on a hillside in the jungle and immerse in the vibrant wildlife of howler monkeys and sloths, fruit trees and birds of paradise. Harmonize with the gentle rhythms of daily life. Allow this ocean side haven of authenticity to guide your journey towards self-renewal.

"I met Summer at a week-long retreat for young adults who have faced a cancer diagnosis. Summer was our yoga retreat guide and facilitator and we started each day in the morning in the yoga studio. She would check in throughout the day and at the end of each day we would do mindfulness and meditation practice. Summer was attentive to each of us (there were six total) and aware of our different needs. This was especially important because our group included survivors from various types of cancer and we all received different types of treatment. Our treatment for our cancer, although effective, can come with long-lasting side effects. Summer was mindful of our different skill levels and the accommodations needed for each individual. She was creative in what she offered us each day; her warm, inviting nature allowed us all to feel more comfortable and be present. She is a natural leader and I am so grateful for all the memories made that week. She made my week unforgettable; there were plenty of laughs shared along with tears shed. She allowed our group to open up and learn ways to trust our bodies again, despite everything we had been through. Her knowledge and insight was extremely impressive and she taught me so much that week. I encourage anyone seeking to learn more about themselves to reach out to her and experience it for yourself."

Rebecca - Illinois 

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